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How Can We Assist Our Students to Use Critical Literacy Practices in a Digital World?   Leave a comment

While using “critical literacy skills in a digital world” may seem like just another new skill for students to master, it’s important for teachers and students to remember that they already perform similar critical literacy functions when they review non-electronic media, such as books, newspaper articles, reports, etc.

As teachers of any subject, but esp. of ESL, I believe we need to use the known to teach the unknown. I present this challenge (being critically digitally literate) ┬áto my students in terms of we are building upon their practices of evaluating the “person, purpose, and period (of time)” when researching/reading non-electronic media. I use this same mantra whether they are searching the Web, watching interviews from TV/YouTube, or listening to CD recordings.
In enabling our students and ourselves to be critically literate in the Web 2.0 world, our challenge is three-fold:
  • realizing that we have the expertise to construct pedagogically sound instruction
  • realizing that the skills students need to be electronically literate are often already used in a slightly different form/different media
  • realizing that we can apply our own understandings/uses of digital media as an important step in the process of aligning Web 2.0 tools to our curricular goals.

Posted April 19, 2011 by Cyn Hatch in Ed Tech, ESL Teaching

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