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Can Gaming Cure the World?   1 comment

We all participated in a lively discussion about the benefits and pragmatics of using gaming-type rewards and feedback to enable people to invest the time to solve our real world problems in our ed-tech class today. Here’s the link:

Basically we were split into two camps:

McGonigal’s aspirations might be pure, but applying a real-world problem to the gaming environment is a big leap. Using games to solve real world problems disregards a key part of gaming’s appeal: fantasy.

McGonigal’s TED presentation documented her experimentations in using gaming to get people thinking about solving real-world problems with the hope that it transformed their behavior, e.g. saving gas, when they had finished playing the game.

Check out the link. You decide.

Here’s an additional link:

Thomsen raises an interesting issue for me: does gamification somehow reduce real-world problems into fun short-term activities?


Posted March 24, 2011 by Cyn Hatch in Ed Tech

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