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What a great class today!

To prepare for their debate on plastic surgery, students discussed and wrote interview questions aimed to gauge respondents’ opinions on the benefits of physical attractiveness and plastic surgery.

The students recorded their in-person interviews on their iPhones and Blackberries. My hope is by incorporating recreational activities such as using mobile devices as video/audio recorders, i will engage students in the process of data collection and research as prep for a debate. My hope is that both they and I will achieve the following:

1. higher buy-in rates by students
2. more in-depth level of research
3. higher rates of fluency in spoken English
4. more vigorous debates

Today they listened to and collated small-group then whole-group data, looked for trends, which spurred their Internet search. Students busily sent each other news links related to their position as we finished up the class.

Awesome job, guys!


Posted March 26, 2011 by Cyn Hatch in Ed Tech, ESL Teaching

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