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How Tech Keeps Students Engaged   2 comments

Simply: Have them create their own content.

I adapted a textbook exercise on giving advice about moving back home with your parents to use with my intermediate listening/speaking class. Students completed the following steps to create their own advice video:

  1. Listen to an interview about the reasons why people move back home with their parents, and take notes (Real Talk 2)
  2. Adapt questions from the interview to use in their own surveys.
  3. Interview other students about their reasons to move back home with their parents.
  4. Regroup and discuss results.
  5. Create their own advice videos.

By recording, viewing, critiquing, and re-recording the videos, my students had much more speaking and listening practice that they would have by just reading an article and answering some questions.

When students create their own content, it creates great buy in! To view the videos, please visit the American Culture & Language Institute’s Facebook page:


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Teaching Teachers to Use Tech & Social Media in ESL Instruction   1 comment

I’ve put together a quick powerpoint on the ways I’ve used technology and social media in ESL instruction. Feedback greatly appreciated. Will use it to train teachers in my ESL program.

Disclaimer: photos are taken from the web and this powerpoint will be used for educational purposes only.


Tech in ESL Workshop final

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